Site Check

Run tests from your device in real time on websites from around the globe.

Making sure your website is just as you want it can be just a click away.

An easy way to ensure you look your best on the web.

Improve your site's presence.

Validate and enhance structured data to be your best on the web, on devices and on social media.

If you provide content, visitors will come! However optimizing your page for discovery can be a pain. With SiteCheck it's as easy as checking your site to see if you missed anything.

Not only does this help your site, but it frees up your time to implement those new ideas you've been planning on!

For owners and builders alike.

Assist your workflow by checking for compliance before going live.

Make sure your existing sites are up to snuff with SiteCheck.

Ensure that your sites will be up to your standards, verifying the features you want are present and accounted for.

Why work harder to make the things we care about? With SiteCheck it's just easier to make sure everything is accounted for. No more wondering, and no more having to explain why something's missing.

All of this and it completes itself with a visual asthetic bordering on gorgeous, yet simplistic and unobtrusive. Nothing more could be asked of something so practical. It looks nice and it works well.

This app is no longer available on the app store!

This page will remain in case I decide to add the app back again in the future. Thanks for reading about it!